The ABC Questionnaire

I was reading Kelsey Danaes Blog @The Style Peach and I saw she did the ABC questionnaire. I hope she doesn’t mind if I do it but it seems like fun!
A-Age: 27
B-Birthday: July
C-Color: Dark Purple
D-Drink: Sweet Tea and Watermelon juice
E-Eyes: Blue
F-Flashback: New York City, this is where my husband proposed
G-Gent: Cory, my husband. We have been together since high school.
H-Hobbies: yoga, painting, drawing, and crafting.
I-Indulgence: makeup and potatoes (all kinds, rojos, french fries, baked)
J-Job: Healthcare
K-Kids: No kids yet just a couple of pups.
L-Love: My Family, literature, art, summertime, and rainy days.
M-Music: Folk, Blues, Swing, Pop, Rock, some country, alternative…anything that peaks my interest really.
I’ve been on a Lana Del Rey binge lately.
N-Nickname: Kris
O-One wish: That people would take better care of themselves, each other and the earth.
P-Pets: Chomper and Trigger
Q-Quote: There’s so many but lately I like:  “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light”-Yogi Bhajan
R-Residence: Texas
S-Siblings: One little sister… who also happens to be my best friend. T-Temperature: 50 F degrees and a very chilly wind.
U-University: Graduate of Angelo State University
V-Vehicle: My trusty little 4 cylinder
W-Worst habit: Biting my nails and never wearing shoes or socks. X-rays: Can’t really remember, maybe dental?
Y-Yuck: 5:00 traffic, high heels, meatloaf, gristle on meat, sausage, ham, needles, cooking, poorly behaved children, and inconsiderate people. Z-Zodiac: Cancer

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