Alba Botanica Terra Tints and Gloss Review

Hey ya’ll! I’m finally getting around to posting something that doesn’t pertain to Burts Bees. Lol Anyways, I purchased all these at my local HEB. They were $4 for the tints and I believe $6 for the gloss. These were the only colors my store offered.

) 014

The Terra tints come in a plain twist balm tube with a cap that matches the color of the product. They contain SPF 15 which is nice. The colors don’t really “wow” me and the consistency of the terra tints is actually dry. They have a peppermint scent and provide a tingling sensation. The color Blaze leaves a slight stain. I can only wear these in the summer after I’ve prepped my lips with moisturizer. These will cling to any dry patches and can become streaky. I don’t really recommend packing this on either. They are so dry, it might just exaggerate any patchiness.

) 015

(Left to Right) Bloom (gloss), Bloom (tint), and Blaze (tint)

The Terra gloss comes in a regular squeeze tube with an angled tip for application. It is a warm pink with a little bit of shimmer.Just like the tints, it pocesses a peppermint scent that provides a tingling sensation. Despite how I feel about the tints, I really like this stuff. The consistency kind of reminds me of the Lancome Juicy Tubes I used to use a LONG time ago. It is not only smooth but it has some staying power.

So, I’m not very impressed with the tints but the gloss is definetely nice.:)
I hope this review is helpful and have a great day! Kris


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