Manitou Springs-Colorado

Manitou Springs is a tourist type town with unique little shops lining very small streets. Be prepared to walk if you come here. You have to pay for parking and it’s a very tight fit in the parking lots.

We ate at a place called the Stage Coach Inn. I ordered a burger which was large enough to split with my mom. The burger was good and the service was nice. It had a cute fireplace and a cozy feel. But other than that, nothing really mind blowing.


(Top picture: A few small shops. Bottom Left to Right: The Stage Coach Inn, a view of the mountains, and an apothecary shop)

We visited an herbal apothecary shop. There were many ethnic food vendors. And my sister and I ended up at a place called Salus where we bought a ton of great smelling bathbombs. Thre were some specialty shops there, like a metal working shop, art gallery, and a christmas shop.

(Top left to right: More mountian views, a river than ran through the small town, and the apothecary shop, again.)

It does have a “touristy” type of feel to it but it is worth visiting to take in some sights.
Happy Trails! Kris



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