The All Natural Face Blushes!

The all natural face cosmetics company is prodominately a mineral makeup company. They sell non-toxic cosmetics, hair care, skincare, some beard care for the men, and also products for healthy teeth.
Here is a message from the “about us” section from their website!

“Our mission is to provide you with the best mineral cosmetics possible. We do not use any artificial ingredients. No bismuth, no talc, no carmine, no silk powder, no d & c lake colors and no parabens! Just pure and simple ingredients from the earth.”

Nice, right? Below I have inserted swatches of the powder blushes I received in some samples that I ordered.

Swatches 107
Left to Right: Sherry,Warm Earth,Suntan,Juicy Peach,Raisin,Antique Brick, Cocoa
Swatches 108
Left to Right: Mulberry, Bordeaux,Rose Goddess,Cotton Candy,Really Pink,Peach Goddess,Bubblegum,Barbie,Touch of Pink, Touch of Peach


Swatches 109
Left to Right:Tequila Sunrise,Peachy Rose,Touch of Rose,Dusky Rose,Persimmon,Really Red,Dark Rose,Terra Cotta, Everyday is a Good Day


They can be used wet or dry. I swatched them dry with a small eyeshadow brush. These are much more intense when wet.

The sample set I bought was called “Try All The Blushes.” It was $5 before shipping and the samples came in playing card sized ziploc bags.

Not only do these blend really nicely; I  enjoy the variety of blushes they offer.It seems like there would be a color for everyone! These can be used as shadows, contour powders, and some can even be put on the lips. But always check the website to make sure.

Update: The website FINALLY put up swatches of some blushes but they definetely swatched them wet or over some kind of fixative because the pigmentation is insane. Ya’ll should check it out!

Sincerely, Kris



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