Reasons We’re Reducing “Eating Out”

Cory and I have decided that we are going to start making more conscious decisions about our life in general. We want to track our budget, begin a much healthier lifestyle, and start experiencing different things. One of the discussion we had was over “eating out.” We used to eat out religiously but have since been slowing down a bit. Here are our reasons why:

  1. Customer Service is a gamble.
    Customer service is always subjective. But we have found that customer service varies on time of day, day of week, type of dining facility, waitstaff etiquette and waitstaff personality. On a side note: Why have staff begun delivering bills with the meal? When I waited tables I was taught to allow guests to enjoy their meals for a bit then deliver the check and see if there is anything else I could bring them before the check. When we eat out we run the chance of being pissed off, ignored, given attitude, given the wrong order, and being “pushed” out the doors before even enjoying our meal. Really, you can go anywhere and have this happen but why not avoid it as much as possible?
  2. Food Prices are increasing.
    This kind of runs into the next reason but it’s just getting too darn expensive to eat out. Even some chain fast food restaurants charge $20 for takeout for two people. I can’t imagine what a family of four or more costs…
  3. The food quality is declining, especially meat.
    Proportions are becoming smaller and food is tasting…cheaper. Companies will try a different meat or vegetable distributer and also downsize portions and keep prices high to turn a profit. Let’s not forget that restaurants (especially fast food) don’t exactly offer a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, either. At least not in my area…
  4. You don’t get the chance to be a “conscious consumer.”
    Most of the food is pre-packaged, pre-seasoned, and comes from some other state or even country. You don’t get a chance to choose the best version, you don’t get the chance to research the quality…you are left at the mercy of the questionable choices of the restaurant.
  5. Eating out regularly doesn’t make it “special” anymore.
    We are a busy society. Work hours are longer, and you still have commitments to tend to at home. Children have to be dropped off, picked up, taken to recitals, or practice games and errands have to be accomplished. Nowadays, eating out is seen as just something that’s just done. It’s no longer a treat or used in special occasions. It’s seen as necessity and it is causing people to become lazy in their everyday choices. Their health is being compromised for more time.*If anything in this post offended anyone , please know, that it was not my intent. At some point our only options are to eat out (sometimes very unhealthily) but I just want to encourage others to make healthier decisions surrounding their finances,time, health, and family. I hope you enjoyed reading these and as always thanks! Kris

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