The All Natural Face Powder Foundations!

The all natural face cosmetics company is prodominately a mineral makeup company. They sell non-toxic cosmetics, hair care, skincare, some beard care for the men, and also products for healthy teeth.
Here is a message from the “about us” section from their website!

“Our mission is to provide you with the best mineral cosmetics possible. We do not use any artificial ingredients. No bismuth, no talc, no carmine, no silk powder, no d & c lake colors and no parabens! Just pure and simple ingredients from the earth.”

So I have inserted some swatches below. The left side shows the swatches in sunlight and the right side shows them indoors.

Baby Girl 050
Bottom to Top: Porcelain Rose, Ivory Rose, Honey Ivory Rose, Porcelain Goddess, Almond Goddess, Ivory Goddess, Porcelain Kissed by Honey, Honey Kissed.
Baby Girl 051
Bottom to Top: Tan Pale, Dark Tan Pale, Tan Warm, Tan Warmer, Tan Warmest, Dark Tan Warm, Dark Tan Warmer, Dark Tan Warmest
Baby Girl 052
Bottom to Top: Light Beige Pale, Medium Beige Pale, Light Beige Warm, Light Beige Warmer, Light Beige Warmest,Medium Beige Warm, Medium Beige Warmer, Medium Beige Warmest,True Beige

These powder foundations have been compared to the Bare Minerals powder foundations. But since I’ve never really tried Bare Minerals, I can’t give my opinion on comparison. However, I truly enjoy wearing these powders. They are super light feeling, non-cakey, they blend very well, and provide up to  medium coverage. I wouldn’t go too heavy heanded otherwise it might start making you look a bit dry and cakey.

My skin color usually matched anything that was “classic ivory” at the drugstores but I find that Light Beige Warm and Medium Beige Warm are pretty good matches in this powder. I always apply a mist of water or rose water setting spray to help it sink into my skin.

I bought the sample pack from their website. The sample pack was in the light to medium range and cost me about $5 before shipping. They came in small card sized ziploc bags and provide quite a range of choices to try. If you’re in the market for a cruelty free, better for your skin, powder foundation, these are worth the try. 🙂

Sincerely, Kris


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